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We also provide:

  • military uniform cleaning
  • curtain cleaning
  • drop-offs
  • clothing alterations
  • odour and smoke cleaning

Feel free to come and check us out. We are sure that we will meet all of your laundry and dry cleaning requirements.

Ab Belt Cleaning Service

Quite recently there have been a lot of customers bringing in their workout clothing and also certain pieces of fitness equipment for us to clean. We’ve actually been a little amazed at the number of people that bring in waist trimmers and ab belts!

It seems to be a new trend that all of the local fitness enthusiasts are getting into. Every time that I see someone jogging in the street, they always seem to be wearing one of these waist trimers.

So very soon we will be offering a specialized service for cleaning your ab belt.

The benefits of ab belts and waist trimmers are numerous and it’s obvious from what we see here at Mayfields Cleaners is that they make you sweat.  Well, waist trimmers make you sweat anyway. Ab belts are a little different.

Abs Toners & Ab Belts

Ab belts and abs toners are usually made of breathable, lightweight cloth which lets you wear then under your clothes as you’re doing daily exercises or chores. They often come equipped with little pads that are placed against the skin of the abdominal region.

These pads feature miniature electrodes that send electric pulses into the abs. These electric pulses excite the nerves in your ab muscles, which makes them relax. This muscle contraction and relaxation mimics the exercises you’d do to tone and strengthen your abs during a workout.

Though an ab toning belt is not a complete substitute for embracing a good and healthy lifestyle full of exercise and eating nutritious and healthy foods, it may provide you with a bunch of ab belt advantages. Particularly, a well-toned midsection.

An ab toning belt can help you tone the abdominal area and it is going to also sculpt and define this ab area. In the case that you’ve got a normal exercise regimen, an ab toning belt might help to speed up things for faster results.

ab workout
The harder way to get abs – Modelled by Dave

BUT, ab toning apparatus cannot work wonders. If you’re searching to skip on regular exercise and eating a nutritious diet as you anticipate the belt will allow you to shed the extra body fat. Like any other sort of exercise program, an ab toning belt needs to be utilized along with a healthy lifestyle so that you see good results.

Waist Trimmers

The topic of waist trimmers to help one shed fat has been researched, it is doubtful that using a waist belt can allow you to shed weight. You might still find a direct thinning of the waist area once you wear the belt, based on it just wrapping around the waist. Most waist trimmers are made from stretchy neoprene that’s tightly secured around the waist. Just like a brand new corset, it is going to make the facade of a thinner waist at the same time you wear it even though it does not whittle away your waist area.

Though a waist trimmer will not permit you to easily shed inches and pounds, it may inadvertently make you eat better and exercise to help boost good weight loss. The continuous reminder of getting compression in your waist might be sufficient to tempt you to change to some salad at lunch or go to the gym after work. If you wear the waist trimmer, then you could realize that the continuous pressure functions as a constant reminder of your own physical fitness objectives and help you discover the motivation to reach them.

I recommend taking a look at the video below:



New Local Gym And Fitness Supplements

Since a new gym has recently opened in town, many of our customers have been bringing there (dare I say it) sweaty gym clothes to be cleaned.  I was having a chat with a customer yesterday about all of the various supplement that he takes.  And I found it all very interesting…  It appears that more and more people are looking for something they can do to see how they lose fat without dieting or exercising.

washing gym clothes
washing a whole lot of gym clothes!

The most important thing to know is that paying little attention to how exceptional any supplement can be, you must plan some positive improvements to your diet and will need to be involved with some sort of exercises. But fortunately, exercise does not need to be in pain. It is extremely possible to see a good improvement in health without sweating your butt off each day. If you just take it slow and steady. Do a little at a time to the point where you are comfortable, you will see results. But the key thing is to be consistent with it.

We should now examine the best high-fat supplement to help with various components of the weight-loss process. By considering what you need to do with the supplement, you are better prepared to ensure that you choose the most suitable supplement.

But anyway… no matter how dirty and sweaty your clothes might be, bring them down and we will get them spotless and smelling great!